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Need flexibility in your copper piping? The METALFLEX bronze/copper components are the #1 choice coast to coast. METALFLEX is the industry leader when it comes to bronze components. Bronze hose offers good corrosion resistance, especially in water systems, without the risk of galvanic corrosion, while offering the flexibility benefits required. You will find bronze flexible connectors in many hot and cold water supply lines, heating and cooling systems and oil and gas lines.

Our expertise in this product line has developed through 40 years of research in the high pressure copper/bronze attachment methods. We take the extra time and labor to properly prepare an assembly and have developed trade secrets to ensure a long life. METALFLEX is constantly reviewing new filler rods and procedures which insures you the finest copper alloy flex component found anywhere in the industry. Our bronze hose has the highest copper to brass ratio available, which insures you, our customer, that only the finest quality product is being delivered to your job site or being installed in your facility.
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Selection Criteria Bronze Hose
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