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CUSTOM ASSEMBLIES are no problem for METALFLEX. In fact every flex is custom-made here. But quite often, you need something a “little different”. We can help design a metal hose to fit your needs.

Our standard hose is a heavy wall with good flexibility. METALFLEX does offer an extra heavy wall hose for high pressure and highly corrosive applications. There are also cases where you may need more flexibility. This is where our Max-Flex hose comes in. The Max-Flex hose offers a higher corrugation count, which is teamed with a high density wire braiding to offer you extra flexibility, with high pressure capabilities.

Jacketed hoses and traced metal hoses are used in many high-temperature applications, where flexibility without temperature loss are requirements. The introduction of super heated steam, water or oil into the outer jacket or inner traced metal hose insures your media maintains the required temperature as it passes through the transfer hose.

Reducing connectors are true “labor savers”, eliminating the need of a separate reducing spool and decreasing the amount of space required to complete the reduction. Trying to use a threaded fitting on a flanged system? No problem. We can simply use a flex connector with multiple end configurations to match your pipe. For high velocity and turbulent media, an internal interlock liner may be required, or for added external protection, the same interlock hose can be used. For extreme temperature hoses, adding a silicon rubber/fiberglass flexible “fire sleeve” can not only help protect the hose but also acts as an insulator. Need special tagging? We can label your hoses just about any way you would like. And yes we are a Coast Guard Certified hose manufacturer.

Tired of those metric imported flex lines? Ask about our special metric to U.S. thread adapters and flex lines. The 8,10,12 week deliveries from Europe are eliminated.

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