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EXPANSION JOINTS offer axial compression and elongation in piping systems which compensates for the thermal expansion stress on your pipes and anchors. There are several different forms of Expansion Joints to choose from to best suit your application. They are available in both metallic and non-metallic versions. The metallic versions include single and dual bellows, externally pressurized, expansion compensators and flue style. The non-metallic joints include many types of rubber and synthetic rubber along with Teflon.

METAL EXPANSION JOINTS are available with many different end fitting configurations. From flanges, pipe thread, weld ends to victualic grooved. Quite often metal expansion joints replace the higher maintenance packed joints and the costly self-equalizing types. With movement capabilities of ½” up to 16” axial, pressure ratings up to 300 PSI and temperature capabilities of nearly 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a metal expansion joint to fit your application.

Common options on METALFLEX expansion joints are a stainless steel internal liner, external cover, tie rods, 150# or 300# flanges, and end fitting alloys.

With so many different choices of materials, NON-METALLIC EXPANSION JOINTS can handle many different situations. From cooling water to waste water, petrochemicals plants and power plants, these are the work-horses of all E/Js. They offer excellent sound absorption, axial movement, lateral offset, angular deflection and vibration elimination for nearly any application.

Contact your METALFLEX sales rep to find out which expansion joints fits your needs.
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