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METALFLEX ~ Designers and manufacturers of the finest expansion loops availableEXPANSION LOOPS are another type of expansion joint that offer the many benefits of braided metal hose with nearly unlimited configurations. These loops take up less space than a hard pipe loop and exert less strain on the piping.

Whether used for seismic protection, thermal expansion or other movements in your pipe run, the METALFLEX expansion loops will absorb the compression, extension or lateral movements. Anchor loads are nearly eliminated with the expansion loop and simple guiding techniques will keep it all in line.

For over 25 years, METALFLEX has been the proven leader in the design and manufacturing of the expansion loop. We have been considered the “go-to” source for several reasons; quality, experience, engineering and selection to name a few. Why risk buying from the imitators when you can call the originators?

From hospitals to sports stadiums, power plants to refineries, there is an expansion loop to fit your application. They are offered in ½” inner diameter to a whopping 12” diameter. Steam, condensate, water, gases, and sewage are no problem for the METALFLEX expansion loops. They are available in stainless steel, steel, and copper/bronze alloys, with single or double braiding and with various movement capabilities and nesting options.

Help protect your facility against earthquake damage to your piping system – install seismic protection.

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