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METALFLEX stainless steel components offer flexibility to a piping system where rigid connections would not be practical. Metal hose gives you a wide range of temperature extremes and corrosion resistance. It offers the high strength solution to your piping offset and vibration needs while reducing noise and eliminating stress within your system.

Metalflex’s components are specially designed to perform within your specific application. When needed, multiple layers of braid yield higher working pressures. The higher quality T-321 alloy stainless is the METALFLEX standard inner core material. This stainless steel is far superior in temperature capabilities and corrosion resistance to the T-304 alloy which is normally found in today’s U.S. distribution. Specialty alloys such as T-316, monel, and hastelloy are all available when required.

With a seemingly endless array of end fittings and material choices, METALFLEX can design the flex to meet your requirements.
Engineering Data
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Temperature Adjustment Factors Stainless Steel Hose
Selection Criteria Bronze Hose
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